Professional Education

Credit decisions are more difficult in today's fast paced society. Time is critical. Resources are limited. Credit Professionals must manage the accounts receivable portfolio fully aware that their decisions affect the entire organization. The Arizona Institute of Credit offers a full spectrum of educational opportunities for the novice, as well as the seasoned executive. Traditional, proven models for monitoring accounts receivable are offered, along with the latest in high-tech state-of-the-art management methods.

You will deepen your knowledge of legal issues associated with commercial credit granting, ensure, compliance with current laws, and broaden your understanding of all aspects of commercial transactions.

The informational workshops and seminars will help you to analyze financial statements, collect delinquent accounts, and provide you with value-added risk analysis and collection tools to more effectively manage your credit portfolio.

The Southwest Business & Construction Credit Conference is an annual event spanning 2 full days of educational opportunities. Lien and bond information from 13 western states is offered along with credit management sessions.