Industry Groups

Billions of dollars are risked each year by American businesses though the extension of credit, labor and materials. At Southwest Business Credit Services we believe that the practice of extending business credit, so vital to the American economy, should be a profitable venture for the creditor.

Composed of business owners and credit professionals with a common customer base, Industry Credit Groups meet on a regular basis to exchange credit worthiness information. SWBCS acts as the administrator and anti-trust monitor for these groups, which number 23 presently. SWBCS has sponsored industry groups since its formation in 1927. Industry Credit Groups provide the most effective way to exchange “real time” credit information and they serve to minimize risks and enable sound decision making.

Nationally, these groups represent thousands of companies from almost every industry including electronics, construction, publishing, manufacturing, wholesale food and many more.


  • The exchange of up to date information pertaining to the history of common customers/companies.
  • A means of verifying information, reports and other factors that may be used to make specific decisions.
  • Networking opportunities to discuss the latest information on procedures, legal rulings, best practices and other business credit management issues.

SWBCS functions as host

  • Plans and administers meetings and provides trained personnel to act as anti-trust monitors for the group.
  • Maintains and updates account information submitted by group members and prepares a discussion list or past due account book which provides the foundation for the meeting.
  • Pending credit applications, NSF checks and other pertinent issues are also discussed.

Regardless of the type of business, the purpose of the Industry Credit Group remains constant: To assist business professionals in making individual decisions regarding the extension of credit, labor or materials based on “real time” information. The result is an efficient and cost effective way for companies to protect their bottom line.