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Southwest Business Credit Services specializes in providing the most current and up-to-the-minute trade credit information via credit reports, public information searches, and other relevant information. Our exclusive SWBCS Trade Credit Report is available online 24/7/365.

Recognizing that any credit decision is only as good as the information on which it is based, we offer industry-specific groups that share valuable, pertinent, and timely credit information in an informal roundtable format.

We offer educational programs that provide credit professionals with a series of seminars, workshops, and classes to better understand credit granting models, legal credit, collection topics, and other issues of importance.

Professional certification that is affordable and meaningful is offered.  Work experience counts in our certification programs.

We host an annual conference since 2000.  The Southwest Business & Construction Credit Conference offers over 28 educational sessions featuring lien and bond information from the western states, credit management as well as personal and professional development sessions.

Our powerful alliance of business credit services and educational opportunities offer you unmatched support, service, and strength in the field of credit. We believe in tailoring our programs and services to your needs and requirements, while offering maximum value.

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Our History and Legacy of Service

The James F. Sullivan, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award

James F. “Jim” Sullivan was the long time Director of Credit of The O’Malley Lumber Company, and a dedicated member of this organization since 1966. Jim was instrumental in helping to bring about the basis for Arizona’s present day lien notice statutes. In addition, he was a mentor to many, and served a number of community and charitable organizations with humility. Jim left a legacy of service which we honor with this award in his name and his memory.

1994       James F. Sullivan, Jr. (awarded posthumously)
1995       Roger O’Byrne
1996       Scott A. Sievert, CCE
1997       Susan K. Goins, CCE
1998       Shirley J. Beck, CCE
1999       Bill J. Ray
2000       Stanley DeGroot, CCE
2001       Pat Mack
2002       Linda Fetzer, CBF
2004       Geri Oline
2005       Patty Chandler
2006       Ira Schwarzwald
2007       Karl Woolfenden, CCE
2008       Mike King
2009       Lamont Lacy
2010       Gwendolyn Stroop, CCE
2011       Stella Ross
2012       Ruth Harlan
2016       Dana Hammond
2017       Ginger Kaladas
2018       Mark Zavras

Spirit of Service Award

This award recognizes Credit Professionals who regularly and selflessly give of their time and expertise to help colleagues improve their skills and move ahead in the careers.

2004       Mike King
2008       Linda Spradling
2009       Dean Middleton
2009       Jim Reed
2010       Ellen Wodiuk
2011       Lamont Lacy
2012       Alan Greenberg
2013       Nancy Slaughter, CCE
2016       Jessica Duenas
2017       Ira Schwarzwald
2018       Cheryl Thurman

Mentor of the Year Award

This award honors those who are always willing to offer advice and counsel to those entering the Credit Profession to improve their knowledge and skills to enable upward mobility.

2007       Gwendolyn Stroops, CCE
2008       Linda Fetzer, CBF
2011       Debbie L. Ball
2012       Donald Kruggel, CCE
2013       RayMcCrite
2016       Donald Kruggel, CCE
2017       Pamela Ham
2018       Tammy Inserra