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Southwest Business Credit Services

First resource in business credit management.

We provide domestic and international business and trade credit reports,

industry credit group services and professional education.

Everything we do is designed to help the business credit grantor

answer the all-important question, "How likely are we to get paid?"

Southwest Business Credit Services has Everything Your Credit Department Needs!

Southwest Business Credit Services provides today's sophisticated credit professional with a wide array of services.

Southwest Business Credit Services specializes in providing the most current and up-to-the-minute trade credit information via credit reports, public information searches, and other relevant information. Our exclusive SWBCS Trade Credit Report as well as THE Construction Credit Report™ are available online 24/7/365.

Recognizing that any credit decision is only as good as the information on which it is based, we offer industry-specific groups that share valuable, pertinent, and timely credit information in an informal roundtable format.

We offer educational programs that provide credit professionals with a series of seminars, workshops, and classes to better understand credit granting models, legal credit, collection topics, and other issues of importance.

We hold an annual event called The Southwest Business & Construction Credit Conference, spanning 2 full days. This is a conference offering many educational opportunities, such as lien and bond information from 13 western states, and credit management sessions.

Our powerful alliance of business credit services and educational opportunities offer you unmatched support, service, and strength in the field of credit. We believe in tailoring our programs and services to your needs and requirements, while offering maximum value.

We have Everything Your Credit Department Needs!